Konstanty Sobieski e la sua “puttana” romana
Gaetano Platania

After the death of Jan III Sobieski, part of the Polish royal family decided to reach Rome for the Jubilee proclaimed by Pope Innocent XII Pignatelli in 1699. In reality, they were seeking asylum and protection in the Holy City. The presence of Maria Kazimiera and her two children was never really appreciated by the Roman people and for this reason it was often the subject of gossip and rumors. While Alexander was able to become a protagonist of the social and cultural life of Rome, Konstanty was invested in a scandal that involved the entire Polish royal family and the Papal Court. Particularly famous was the "case" linked to Tolla, the young prostitute with whom the young Konstanty was infatuated. A scandalous relationship for the reputation of the entire Sobieski family.

The essay aims to present the facts of this Roman experience lived by the Polish Royal Family, presenting some unpublished "Pasquinate", deepening an event that required the direct intervention of the Pope and some cardinals.

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