Ifigenia Georgiadou , Alba Graziano , Patricia Huion
ADULT LEARNING: Experiences and Prospects in Europe

Edizione Anno: 2018
Collana Dopo Babele
Pagine: 104
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Libro: 9788878537842 Prezzo: € 14,00

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This book is about Transmedia Learning/Teaching and the way digital technologies can transform and make training and education more effective. Even when it is adult learners developing and using digital competences in their learning process. These themes were at the heart of the European Project Learning to Learn by Teaching 2 (L2LByTe2, 2015-2017), whose original research – building on previous projects and the experience gained – has led to this publication. The nine European partners of this project tried to enhance the learning experience through new approaches and to make the best out of all educational programmes for adults today. To do this, not only did the L2LByTe2 research teams write chapters and produce Knowledge Clips on family literacy; intergenerational learning; authentic learning; digital literacy; transformative learning; digital storytelling and gamification; creativity assessment. They also questioned themselves on the motives, anxieties and enthusiasms connected to being in the position of learners at an adult age. All this merged into a “transmedia storytelling world” available at: http://l2lbyte2.weebly.com, where everybody can find their own personalised trajectory to lifelong learning, critical thinking and creativity.