Laureata in lingue e letterature straniere, presso La Sapienza di Roma, Italia. Ha conseguito alcuni masters in leadership e management, riforma del pensiero filosofico, e didattica modulare e dell’orientamento, presso l’università Roma Tre, docente e scrittrice. “Amo l’arte in tutte le sue forme, la pittura, la poesia e la musica, sono per me un oasi in pieno deserto, ove vive un’atmosfera di pace, ove si adombrano e talvolta si mettono a fuoco, situazioni e momenti di vita”. I took a degree in foreign languages and literature at the Sapienza university in Rome, (Italy),master in the leadership and management of Education, master in reforming teaching methods and schools of thought, at Roma Tre university in Rome, degree as poetry writer in P A (USA). “Art is like being at an oasis in the middle of the desert, where there is a peaceful atmosphere, where situations and moments of life are shaded and sometimes focalized. It can arrest the image, the image that vanish so quickly. Just like music, painting, poetry are part of me. I love this great passion as it does not delude or privilege you of anything, because it is my way of living and forgetting, of denying the existence, the possibility of those peaceful is as a little like dying, because whatever I do I put my heart and soul into every word”. Ha pubblicato: “Poesie di ogni giorno”