Debora Ricci teaches Italian linguistics and is the coordinator of Italian Studies at the Department of Linguistics at the Faculdade de Letras-Universidade de Lisboa. She is researcher in Women’s/Gender Studies at CIEG- Centro Interdisciplinar Estudos de Género - Universidade de Lisboa. She holds a PhD in Linguistics (critical discourse analysis and multimodal sociosemiotics). She ha salso published extensively on the distortions in the representation and the invisibility of women in sociolinguistics, odo-toponomastics and advertising. She collaborates with several international networks such as Toponomastica Femminile (Italy), Escritoras y Escrituras (University of Seville), APEM (Associacão Portuguesa Estudos sobre Mulheres), UMAR- União de Mulheres Alternativas e Respostas, G&Ss (Gender and Sexualities- Lisboa).

University of Lisbon