Cinzia Pierantonelli
Bats and seagulls

Edizione Anno: 2021
Collana Narrativa
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 What happens to a Western country when it finds itself in the same situation as a country in the Far East, singled out as an infector, vilified yet pitied for a tragedy that will soon become the tragedy of all, literally of all the over seven billion people on our planet? That country will also be held up to public criticism as an infector, for the same unwitting misdeed, and it will also be pitied.

COVID-19 is still circulating among us, and yet 12 months have passed since the outbreak of the disease in Europe.

The time-lapse however has not interrupted the discourse on what happened because the unprecedented situation has still not been fully understood. 

A short story in the form of a diary recounts all-western atmospheres, feelings and values plunged into a crisis by an unknown enemy, so invisible that no one can foresee the devastating impact it will have on our lives. However, it is the surrounding nature that will make us reflect, will call to mind lost values, harbingers of a new, ‘magnificent and progressive destiny’. The story is enhanced and enriched by narratives in the guise of illustrations, some in black and white, others in colour, which go to compose a variegated tapestry in which artistic fantasy and personal imagination are blended in the unfolding of the tragic events.

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